I Did The 24in48 Readathon

Hey, friends! This past weekend, I participated in the 24in48 readathon. In case you haven’t heard of it, this readathon takes place over two days. The goal is to read a total of 24 hours over the span of those two days, or to just read a little more than you normally would and have fun. Its not super intense, its kind of just a “do what you please” kind of readathon, which I like.

Like I did with the last readathon I did, I kept a log throughout. And by “kept a log” I mean, I kept a log the first day and everything fell apart on day two. But its fine, things happen. Anyways, on to the actual content of this post (ie, my log and random snapchats).

Saturday, 12:19-12:35 AM: First 15 minutes of reading logged! Read the prologue and the first chapter of The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater, then (already) needed a break to get snacks.


Side note, most of these pictures are dark. That’s partially because I’m one of those people who sits in the dark all day long and partially because my snapchat always goes super dark when focused on bright screens.

12:45 AM: Snacks were found


12:50-1:04 AM: Got up to 29 minutes of reading time, took another break. 

1:35-???: Wow, maybe the log went downhill way before I thought. I never finished this long before I went to sleep, but I got 18% into The Raven Boys, putting my time up to 1:11.

9:14-9:31 AM: Got to 23% of The Raven Boys and 1:29 on the clock. At this point, I moved downstairs so that I could hang out with Dozer, because I love him. 


9:41-10:30 AM: Got to 39% and 2:11 minutes.

10:56-11:42 AM: Got to 51%, 2:49 minutes.

There was then a mess of making lunch, showering, and getting dressed (and by getting dressed, I mean putting on clean pajamas. No real clothing was worn until late Sunday). During that time, I got to 59% and 3:14.

1:41-?PM: Huh, I really thought this wasn’t going to go downhill this much until Sunday. 62%, 3:23

2:12-3:11 PM: 80%, 4:08 on the clock.

3:26-4:40 PM: I finished The Raven Boys! It only took me 5 hours and 2 minutes! Heck yeah!

5:20-5:45 PM: Started The Dream Thieves, got about 4% through, up to 5:27.


6:20-6:46 PM: 9%, 5:46

7:20-7:56 PM: 18%, 6:21

8:20-8:56 PM: 28%, 6:56

9:18-???PM: 31%, 7:11


10:20 PM- Sunday, 12:12 AM: At this point, it seems I am getting skilled at not updating this long. (For the record, Past Arin wrote that. She acknowledged her flaws.) A lot of things occurred and I got 60% through, 8:39.

12:30-2:45 AM: I finished The Dream Thieves! I don’t know what time it was hours wise because I didn’t feel the need to record it apparently, but I got 5% through Blue Lily, Lily Blue and ended up at 10:25 minutes.

Mess of a morning, got through 30%, 11:17 minutes.


12:02-3:53 PM: I finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue at 14:04! Do you see what I meant when I said these updates kind of just fell off? 

3:58-5:27 PM: I kind of took an unnecessarily long break between books, but eventually I sat down and go to read The Raven King. I got up to 18% and 14:46 before I had to actually get ready for the day and go to my grandmother’s for dinner. 

Things happened at my grandmother’s, mainly me playing with dogs and listening to my cousin yell, but I got up to 24% and 15:13 while gone. 

8:30- 11:54 PM: I actually finished! I can’t explain to you all how irrationally proud I was to finish this series in 18 hours and 14 minutes. 

Now, for a final wrap up. 

But before that, someone please explain to me why the “now its time for silly songs with Larry” from VeggieTales came into my head as I typed that. I think I spend too much time with toddlers.

Now, to actually get on topic. A summary of this weekend:

I read four books and 1,769 pages in 18 hours and 14 minutes.

  • The Raven Boys, 468 pages (kindle edition).
  • The Dream Thieves, 453 pages (kindle edition).
  • Blue Lily, Lily Blue, 400 pages (kindle edition).
  • The Raven King, 448 pages (kindle edition).

So in other words, I spent 18+ hours staring at my iPad screen this weekend. I also didn’t officially make it to the 24 hour mark, which is kind of the point of the readathon, but I don’t really care. I got to fall in love with all of the wonderful, amazing characters from The Raven Cycle all over again and that’s good enough for me.

That’s about it from me today, I have to go read the amazing books that came out today. But before I go, lets chat. Have you ever read The Raven Cycle? Have you ever done this readathon before? Will you be joining in for the next one in July?




6 thoughts on “I Did The 24in48 Readathon

  1. I’m thoroughly impressed that you did this AND I’m really jealous that you got to read about Adam Parrish again. Also, I love Dozer wow what a good boy ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, Adam Parrish is amazing and I love him and I hope you get a chance to reread soon so that you can also get to fall in love with him all over again. Also, yes, Dozer is a good boy, the best.


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