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Books I Read and Enjoyed But Don’t Remember

Okay, I can’t be the only one that reads books, falls in love with them, then forgets them afterwards, right? Or maybe I am. I really hope I’m not though because that would be kind of awkward. Also, if you’re wondering if this also doubles as a list of books I will reread at some point, it very well could.

Without further ado, here’s some books I really liked but don’t remember.

1. The Monsters of Verity Duology by Victoria Schwab 


I remember being completely in love with these books, however, the only think I really remember is like two very unimportant scenes from the first book and the heart breaking ending of the second book. Basically, I just remember my heart being shattered into a million pieces and that I really really loved the main guy character. Though I just had to look up that his name is August because I honestly couldn’t remember, so that says something too.

I do plan on rereading these books at some point because I do remember a lot of enjoyment and I want to get to where I can remember the actual books too.

2. The Montague Siblings Duology by Mackenzi Lee


I just realized that this post is basically just going to be me repeatedly saying “lol I forgot what this book was about but I loved it” over and over six times, so sorry for that. Anyways, I remember a good bit of the second one because I read it recently, but the first one? No clue once so ever. I remember the very beginning and two or three other random bits, but no main plot points or anything like that. I do have a reason for forgetting this one though! I read it really quick as a stress reliever during AP exam session my senior year, and I do this fun thing where I block out everything associated with AP exams.

3. Letters to the Lost Duology by Brigid Kemmerer


I read these two books in January. January. Like, of this year. Like, two months ago. I should logically be able to remember them, right? Wrong. I remember sadness, lots of sadness and some fun pain sprinkled in throughout. I remember having very strong opinions while reading it, but now I can’t even remember those opinions. There is a slight chance I have a problem.

I do plan on rereading these this summer and writing reviews before her newest contemporary comes out. Someone hold me to that.

4. Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry 


I remember this book being so so fun. I remember really loving it and loving how the characters were so tolerant of each other’s religious beliefs and their friend group in general being amazing. I remember them getting drunk together at some point? And maybe a fight between the main character and the dad? Past that? Nothing. I don’t even know if those last two things happened or if I’m making them up. I really want to get a physical copy of this and reread it since I audiobooked it the first time.

Also, side note, this audiobook is literally amazing. If you’re looking for a fun contemporary audiobook, look into it.

5. Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire


I read this the first time I attempted a 24 hour readathon (note the word attempted and the lack of the word accomplished). I remember that I read it in about an hour and completely loved it. I read the second book later and I remember a shocking amount of that one, but yet again, it seems that the first book has completely left my memory. I remember there were doors and magic and that I felt really bad for the main character, but that’s about it.

I should reread these and keep going with the series at some point. I don’t know when that point will be though.

6. The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock


I remember literally nothing about this book other than some of the characters were on a boat? And maybe some siblings? Brothers, I think. Like, three brothers? But also, maybe not. It honestly amazes me how little I remember about this book given that I read it. What I do remember is that I finished it via audio in my senior year psychology class while working on my mosaic project. Why can I remember the fact that I was randomly assigned to sit really close to my teachers desk that day, that I was wearing gray sweatpants and a Latin tee shirt (90% sure it was my purple club tee shirt that says “Latin’s not dead, its just Roman around” on the back), and that I technically finished the last of the audio while walking back from the bathroom, but none of the actual book? Why is my brain like this?


Okay, that’s about it from me for today. Thanks for sticking it out through that weird unplanned semi hiatus thing I had going on for the past week and a half, I am going to attempt to prewrite a little bit so that doesn’t happen again.

Before you go, do you forget books after you read them too or this just a weird me problem? If I am not alone in this issue, what books have you forgotten? Do you want to reread them? Let’s chat in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Books I Read and Enjoyed But Don’t Remember

  1. This post is the biggest mood. You should definitely reread Gentleman’s Guide soon because IT’S TOO GOOD. Wow I love that book. Also, you just reminded me that I still have to read Monsters of Verity! But at the same time I just want to avoid it because everyone keeps saying it’s really sad and I’m not ready for that tbh

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    1. I’ll add Gentleman’s Guide to the list of books to reread this summer lol. Also you definitely need to read Monsters of Verity because then you can tell me about it and I can remember what happens.

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  2. I usually don’t forget the books I read, but an example that comes to my mind is TMI books 1-4 and the whole TID. I know for sure that I read them, but I only know what happens in them because of the scenes people usually reference? I don’t know why they happened to me

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    1. I think its kind of funny that you can’t remember 1-4 of TMI because I have a nearly perfect recollection of 1-3 and barely remember 4-6 when it comes to those books.

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  3. This is honestly such a relatable post. I also sometimes remember really weird and specific facts about when/where/how I read a book – like the time I started a new book in a train station Subway store while eating nachos, when I had a half-finished book waiting at home! Some books I forgot are The Raven Cycle series and The Wicker King, although unlike you I usually knock a star or two off my rating for a book if I forget it!

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  4. You are definitely not the only person that forgets what happens in books you love! It happens to me every single time. I can tell you that I loved a book, but don’t ask why or what it’s about because I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you. It makes me feel guilty, because if I loved it then shouldn’t I be able to remember every single detail? But I guess it’s just how some of our brains work and I’m learning that it’s okay.

    I need to give The Smell of Other People’s Houses a try, I keep hearing such good things about it and the cover is BEAUTIFUL!

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  5. This is SUCH a relatable post because I am ALWAYS doing the same exact thing! I actually think that it’s sometimes harder to recall details about books you enjoyed rather than hated?? My theory is that I fixate on things when I’m not enjoying a book but when I like it, I’m just… well, enjoying it. And all the little tidbits don’t stick in my brain. Does that even make sense? I can’t tell you how many books I’ve opted out of reviewing just because I can’t remember what the hell happened in the book!! I loved this post!

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    1. Oh I like your theory that you latch onto things you don’t enjoy in books because I definitely think I do the same. I also always am like “wow I really loved this book, I’m going to write a review” and then I realize I don’t know anything that happened and give up on writing a review.

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