I Did A 24in48 Readathon

Hello, friends! My last week at school was very stressful for me and since I was very ahead on my homework, I decided to take the weekend off to read. My most anticipated release of the year came out on Tuesday and I hadn’t read any of it by Saturday, which should honestly be considered illegal. Anyways, I wanted to try and get a lot of reading done, so I decided to hold my own 24in48 just to see how much I reading I could get done (and also do insure I didn’t end up doing homework and making my burn out worse [though, as you’ll see, that didn’t entirely happen]). I wasn’t trying to hit 24 hours or anything, I more so just wanted to read a lot and thought it would be fun to time just how much reading I did.

Also I just realized that this is the first readathon post where I am at school instead of at home, so that’s an interesting tidbit I guess.

As per usual, I kept a log and some snapchats to commemorate the weekend.

Hour One: Got to 30:46 and page 24 of Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare


Hour Two: Got to 59:07 and page 46

Hour Three: Got to 1:30:36 and page 78

Hour Four: Got to 1:52:21 and page 109, ie the start of part two.

Hour Five: Said I was going to go to sleep, didn’t. Instead I did super important things, like continue my bad habit of watching documentaries on the world’s biggest families late at night. You know, important things to spend my time doing.

Hours Six – Eleven: Sleeping, for real this time.

Hour Twelve: Woke up, made some coffee, edited a review for a little bit, prepared myself for part two of Red Scrolls.

Hour Thirteen: Went to brunch with my friends where I ate some pretty dry pancakes and a somewhat alright salad, we love college cafeteria food.

Hour Fourteen: Got up to 2:24:41 and page 139


Hour Fifteen: Got up to 2:52:09 and page 169

Hour Sixteen: Got up to 3:22:54 and page 209


Hour Seventeen: Got up to 3:33:12 and page 220 then went to the mall. Once at the mall, my friends and I immediately went to the puppy store so that we could ooh and ahhh at the puppies. Here’s a picture of three of them, I relate to the two in the back who are just sleeping in the middle of the afternoon because I tend to do that too.


Hour Eighteen: Still at the mall, we ate some pretty mediocre pizza that was waaayyyy too heavy on the tomatoes (it was not my day for getting good food, apparently), then we went to Barnes and Noble where I oohhh and ahhhhed over the copies of Red Scrolls and one of my friends accidentally bought the forth book in a series.


Hour Nineteen: Got back from the mall, called my grandfather.

Hour Twenty: Called my grandmother, got to 3:59:25 and page 249.

Hour Twenty-One: Got to 4:51:37 and page 304.

Hour Twenty-Two: Finished Red Scrolls of Magic at 5:24:29 then took a hot second to try and figure out all of the emotions I was feeling. Spoiler alert from editing Arin: I still haven’t.


Hour Twenty-Three: Took a shower, called my mom

Hour Twenty-Four: Had a moment where I completely freaked out about the fact that I hadn’t done any homework, even though that was literally the point of this readathon, so I worked on an essay for class. And by worked on an essay for class I mean I took this cute picture and watched some youtube.


Hour Twenty-Five: Worked on essay a bit more (actually worked this time), watched a bit more youtube, decided to pick up Midas by Ryan North from where I left off on page 110 and finished the graphic novel on page 244 at 5:51:32.

Hour Twenty-Six: Wrote up a mini review on Midas, started listening to New Moon by Stephanie Meyer from where I left off on page 226 got to page 296 at 6:28:40. When I first started listening to New Moon I thought it would be fun to work on my reading journal, though I quickly stopped doing that because it involved doing things and I didn’t want to do anything other than lay in the dark listening to an audiobook.


Hour Twenty-Seven: Got to page 397 at 7:22:56

Hour Twenty-Eight: Listened a little more, got to page 419 at 7:34:41

Hour Twenty-Nine – Thirty-Six: Sleeping

Hour Thirty-Seven: Woke up, got to page 482 at 8:09:35


Hour Thirty-Eight: Finished New Moon at 8:54:50

Hour Thirty-Nine: Started The Crowns of Croswald by DE Night, got to page 42 at 9:29:34


Hour Forty: Got to page 75 at 9:53:39

Hour Forty-One: Got to page 124 at 10:27:23

Hour Forty-Two: Went out to dinner with my friends, where I decided to spend my flex dollars and get food I would actually eat. In case you’re wondering, I got mozzarella sticks and a smores cookie because I am the queen of health. I also went to the library to return New Moon and pick up the next book.

Hour Forty-Three: Got to page 196 at 11:07:04

Hour Forty-Four: Page 256 at 11:37:23

Hour Forty-Five: Finished The Crowns of Croswald at 12:03:37, called my grandparents.


Hour Forty-Six: Took a shower, started listening to Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer and got to page 81 at 12:46:30.


Hour Forty-Seven: Got to 12:59:36 and page 107, called my mom.

Hour Forty-Eight: Talked to my mom, finished up the readathon at 13:37:43 on page 184 of Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer.

Alright, that’s it for the reading log and some random snapchats. Now, for some fun stats because fun stats are fun.

  • Hours read: 13 hours and 37 minutes. That is obviously no where near 24 but it is way more than I would have read on a normal weekend without motivation.
  • Pages read:
    • Red Scrolls of Magic: 345 pages
    • Midas: 134 pages
    • New Moon: 337 pages
    • The Crowns of Croswald: 310 pages
    • Eclipse: 184 pages
    • Total pages: 1,310 not bad for a laid back readathon.

That’s about it for the day! Reviews for two of the books I knocked out this weekend should be coming soon, so keep an eye out. Have you ever done a 24in48 or just had a dedicated reading weekend? Let’s chat in the comments!

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