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5 Reasons Y’all Should Listen to The Lightning Thief Musical


Did you know that there is a Percy Jackson musical? Because there is and it’s amazing and I want you all to listen to it so that I can stop freaking out about it over snapchat to my IRL friends who just want me to stop and act normal for once.

(Here’s proof in case you don’t believe me – I can’t believe I’m putting this on the internet)


Anyways, now that I’ve revealed that to the internet forever, I’m going to list a bunch of reasons you should go and listen to this musical right now.

1. I’ll love you forever

Is my undying love a good enough reason? I hope so. If not, you also have a great excuse to randomly DM me on twitter so we can rant about Percy Jackson together. Still not a good enough reason? Okay, I’ll give you some more.

2. The musical’s twitter account

You may be asking, Arin, how is their twitter account relevant? Its relevant because it brings me a ton of joy and it can bring you joy too. They regularly bully and support their avid fans in a very sweet and loving manner. They once created a powerpoint about the French revolution because a fan told them they were trying to study (it was amazing, in case you’re wondering). So, go listen to the musical then follow their twitter, or, go follow their twitter then listen to the musical. Either is acceptable.

3. My mom has listened to it

That’s right, my mom, who has no idea what Percy Jackson is, has listened to the musical. Granted she didn’t listen to it willingly, she listened to it when I drove her to work and blasted it through the aux cord, but still. My mom has listened to it. Her exact words were, “Arin. Please play something else. We can go back to the one about the presidents or whatever if you want.” With a glowing review like that, why wouldn’t you want to go listen?

4. Its way way way more accurate than the movies

I know, that is not saying much of anything given how bad the movies were, but still. This musical is the adaptation we deserved instead of those disasters of movies. Some of the lyrics come directly from the books, and even those that don’t are in character and make sense. Here’s a fun example of lines very close to or directly from the books.

“I didn’t wanna be a half-blood,

I didn’t ask to be a hero seeking praise,

Being a half-blood, it’s scary,

It mostly gets you killed in very nasty ways,”

(from Prologue/The Day I Got Expelled)

These lyrics are very, very similar to Percy’s iconic opening in The Lightning Thief and I really appreciate that and hope you do to. I could keep going with more examples and comparisons but I am getting the sense that you all don’t want to read all of that and given that my goal is to persuade you to listen to the musical, not bore you to sleep with my somewhat shoddy analysis, I will stop here.

5. The Songs/Lyrics in General

I listen to music like all the time and I have a deep appreciation for lyrics and the songs and lyrics from this musical are A+ and I really appreciate them. Since I don’t actually know how to convince people to do things (if you can’t tell), I am just going to share some of my favorite lyrics from the musical and hope they inspire you to go listen to it.

“Why be blah

When there’s aquamarine

Normal is a myth

Everyone has issues they’re dealing with”

Those lyrics are from Strong, one of my favorite songs from the musical. It’s so so sweet, it is Percy and Sally talking about Poseidon and also Sally just being the best mom ever. It gives me all the Jackson family feels and tends to cause emo hours, but that is alright by me.

“I swear I never stole anything

I never meant to hurt anyone

I swear, I swear that I’m a good kid

A good kid, who’s had a bad run”

These lyrics are from Good Kid, Percy’s solo song that gives me All The Feels. These lyrics are not particularly like inspiring or anything, but they fit Percy’s character really well and it makes me emotional. Once I listened to this song in the car and started crying for no reason because Percy Jackson has been through way too much, though there is a chance my breakdown had to do with the fact that it was the middle of college application series and I was stressed and anxious about going to Latin convention the following day. Who knows, honestly.

“If you don’t go you’ll never know if you’ll ever be good enough”

This lyric is from My Grand Plan, which is Annabeth’s solo song that also gives me Feelings. But I really like this lyric because I think it is an important tid bit to remember.

“No, I’m never gonna once have it easy

I’ll make mistakes, but my own, and it frees me

Summer’s over, it’s time to begin”

These lyrics are from the final song, Bring on the Monsters! They also makes me very emotional. I especially love the middle line because I know that I always freak out over the smallest mistakes but I feel like I need to sometimes sit back and remember that I can use it as a learning opportunity and that lyric is a good reminder of that.


Okay, I could keep going but this post is already bordering on pretty lengthy and also five is a nice number to stop on so I will. I don’t know if this post was persuasive at all, but I do know that I was always bad at persuasive essays in high school so I don’t have the highest of hopes. However, I do have some hopes. You can let me know if they are in vain in the comments. Have you listened to this musical? If not, do you want to after this post?

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    1. I know that it is on Spotify and Google Play, I know it used to be on YouTube but I haven’t checked in a while. I also feel like I can assume its on Apple music? But I wouldn’t know because I don’t have Apple products lol. I hope if you do listen to it you enjoy it!!

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