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Identity Crisis Book Tag!

Hello, friends! It is Tuesday, so I am here with another book tag. I am really looking forward to doing this one because it looks like so much fun? Also, I just like, love quizzes. I feel like I have probably already taken one or two of these already but I don’t remember and I definitely don’t remember my answers haha.

Okay, so, for this tag, there are a bunch of “who am I from x?” fandom quizzes, and you basically just take the quizzes and tell everyone who you are. The links to the quizzes taken will be linked through the fandom title. As I said, I love quizzes, and this tag is perfect for me because now I can take them for like, a purpose instead of just spending way too much time on Buzzfeed finding out what kind of bread I am or something.

Anyways, onto the tag.


  1. Take all the quizzes down below and record your answers somehow. I decided to just copy the text from each quiz and paste it into my post, but screenshots work too!
  2. NO CHEATING. You get one shot to take each quiz my friends.
  3. Use this post to give credit to the creator Loretta @ The Laughing Listener or tag her on twitter @LaughnListener so she can see everyone’s answers!
  4. Tag some friends to spread the fun!

Now, onto the quizzes.


Red Queen 

Who am I?: Cal

“…Or should we say Tiberius? Ahh the strong and broody type! You’re determined to always do what’s right, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the right thing is. Don’t let the weight of responsibility get you down, just follow your heart!”

Okay, so, I have never read this series, like ever, so I have no idea what this means and also I had no idea what half of the questions meant. But, based off of the little blurb, I don’t know that this fits me? I wouldn’t say I am strong (though I did manage to open a pickle jar last night, I was pretty impressed), or broody? But, then again, I clicked random answers for a couple of them because I didn’t know what they meant. That could be the problem here.



Who am I?: Jem Carstairs and Alec Lightwood

“You’re selfless yet guarded, protective and romantic. You value those around you more than yourself, and sometimes you need to be reminded to take a moment for yourself! You’re the friend that everyone loves to have around, even if you doubt it sometimes.”

Okay, so, this is the quiz I have taken before. I got the same answer last time according to a screenshot on my phone, so yay for consistency! Also, yay for getting Alec Lightwood. An icon, truly.


Throne of Glass

Who am I?: Dorian and Nesryn

“Shockingly, you’re an overwhelmingly sarcastic bookworm! You try to look on the brighter side of things, but your snarky sense of humor hides depths of concern. You’re probably the most responsible of your friends, as they know they can always count on you.”

Okay, this is the same answer Loretta got so I love that. I haven’t read these books either, but I am pretty sarcastic so I guess I’ll take it.


The Hunger Games

Who am I?: Peeta Mellark 

“You’re loyal and dependable and everyone loves having you around them. You wear your heart on your sleeve, which means you’re sometimes taken for granted. But you have plenty of fighting spirit in you. You’re one A-class survivor.”

I liked Peeta a lot, so I am not going to protest this. I don’t know that I have “plenty of fighting spirit” because I tend to get lazy and give up on things, but I’ll take it I guess.


Harry Potter

Who am I?: Dolores Umbridge 

“You love sweet, fluffy, pink things, but you can be ruthless and bitchy when it comes to fulfilling your ambitions.”

I am insulted. I cannot believe Buzzfeed would betray me like this. All I ever did was waste hours on end on their website and watching their youtube videos.


A Court of Thorns and Roses 

Who am I?: Lucien 

“Your soft heart, sharp tongue, and cynical nature bring laughter and fiery wit to every conversation. But that bravado simply hides the broken pieces of your soul, leftover from your family’s betrayal. You’ll need to figure out how to put yourelf back together, and stiffen your backbone, in time to save yourself and your friends.”

Okay, I haven’t read these books either so once again I have no idea who this is or what it means. But I will say, I don’t think based off of the description that this really fits me.


The Raven Cycle

Who am I?: Blue Sargent 

“You are outspoken, and walk to the beat of your own drum. You’ve always been different, and take pride in your individualistic nature. Although you try to maintain a rebellious streak, you are consistently told that you are sensible. Remember, don’t kiss any strange boys!”

I love Blue so so much, so I am not going to protest this for a second. Also, I do not think anyone needs to worry about me kissing any strange boys lol.



Who am I?: Charlie Swan

“Hey, Charlie. You’re a cool dude. Just keep being your adorable oblivious self. Also, your daughter is now a vampire and your granddaughter is growing at the speed of life. Shouldn’t you notice that?”

OH MY GOD. This is amazing. Iconic. I love it so so much. Charlie is my favorite character from this series (also, like, the only one I like), so this is amazing. I will most likely never be over this.


Folk of the Air

Who am I?: Taryn 

“People may think you’re shy but you have secrets of your own. You have your own desires and will go after them, no matter what it takes.”

Okay, I haven’t read this series either, but I know that a lot of people hate her and I tend to like all of the female characters that everyone hates so I guess I’ll take it.


The Lunar Chronicles 

Who am I?: Kai

“After the death of his mother and father Kai becomes Emperor at a very young age. He is kind and cares deeply for his people and country. Other world leaders believe he is too young to lead and try to pressure him into doing what they want. He always chooses what is right for his people even if he must sacrifice his own happiness.”

Okay, I haven’t read this series either, but this seems like a pretty good character to get, so I’ll take it.


Okay, that is the end of the quizzes. I had a fun time doing this. I think the highlight of my week will be getting Charlie Swan on that Twilight quiz. He is an icon.

I am tagging Sam and Caitlin and also anyone else who wants to do this!!

What about you guys, do you like Charlie Swan? Do you like taking quizzes? Let’s chat in the comments!!

9 thoughts on “Identity Crisis Book Tag!

    1. I am honestly still not over the Charlie answer, I don’t know that I ever will be. When I got that answer I laughed so hard my little brother thought something was wrong. And yay for being Dorian/Nesryn twins even though I still don’t know who they are lol.

      Thanks for making this tag! I had so much fun with it.


  1. I actually really love this tag! I was a little confused on what exactly was happening at first, but I figured it out lol. I personally haven’t read most of these series so I’d have no idea what any of the quiz answers would really be saying about me 😂

    Note: I totally see you as a Peeta. Your personality matches well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thanks! I wondering if I was explaining it well enough lol, but I’m glad you could figure it out! I haven’t read quite a few of them so I had to just go off of the descriptions or ask Brianna what they meant 😂

      Thanks! I was a little surprised by Peeta but once I thought about it some more I can slightly see it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just want you to know that you got Cal and Peeta and both of them are low-key my cinnamon roll loves. So basically we are soul mates now. LOL that we are both Umbridge. I’m so sorry you are Taryn…the people are right, she is kinda the worst.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still don’t know who Cal is (whoops), but I agree one hundred percent that Peeta is a cinnamon roll. I don’t know how I got Umbridge but I’m still kind of offended about it.


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