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Mini Reviews: F/F Graphic Novels

Hello, friends! Early this week I suddenly got really into graphic novels, so I thought I would try and mini review them! While the first graphic novel I discuss is a full on female female romance, the other two are just graphic novels with some high quality female female rep, but it was just easier to make the title that than try and come up with something short yet over specific.


Bingo Love by Tee Franklin

3 stars

“Love whomever you want to love. Just make sure they’re deserving of your love.”

Since this is a graphic novel, I will start out by talking about the art. It was really beautiful. It was also really colorful at the right parts, which I absolutely loved. I don’t really have any other things to say about the artwork itself, so I will move onto the story now. The beginning of this story was super cute, I was in love for the first twenty or so pages. Once it jumped to the later part of the story, I was much less in love. The two main characters reunion seemed really odd, and I didn’t enjoy the lack of communication the two had with their husbands and children. I also don’t enjoy how a bunch of the information pertinent to the story was left out, I feel like if that information had been available I would have been more okay with certain aspects of the story since I would have had explanations for certain character’s feelings.

I did enjoy how this graphic novel showed the main character going to therapy and having her therapist be supportive of her sexuality. I also very much enjoyed the fact that it was mentioned that the entire family went to therapy to try and work through all of the sudden reveals. It is rare enough to see therapy mentioned in full length novels, so I was very surprised but also very happy to see those things mentioned in this graphic novel.

Overall, this was a three star read. I would recommend it if you want a sweet f/f graphic novel or if you just want a super short read to boost your goodreads challenge (I’ll be realistic here lmao, we’ve all been there).


On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

5 stars

“You don’t get to decide what’s important for us. You can choose for yourself, but no one else. When you chose not to respect us, we chose not to respect you.”

I loved this graphic novel so much, I almost read it in one sitting (I definitely would have if I hadn’t made the mistake of starting it at midnight). Once again, I’ll start with the artwork. It was beyond beautiful. Artwork wise, this is most definitely the favorite graphic novel I had read. I could spend a lot of time raving about the colors and how pretty they were, but I am not sure anyone wants that. Basically, the backgrounds, settings, and characters were exquisitely drawn and I loved it a lot.

Another thing I loved about this book was the rep. There were so many gay characters I lost count, there was also a nonbinary person. There were also no men once so ever, something I didn’t notice until I read the authors note section. The rep didn’t seem forced in any way, it was really natural and I loved it. There was some great discussion on pronoun usage also, it was all really nice.

The plot of this graphic novel was also amazing. It follows two different time lines, in one, Mia is at a boarding school, in the other, she has just started her first job as a reconstruction worker. I forgot how much I love boarding school settings, but this book reminded me of that really fast. I have read another reviews saying that the plot moved too slowly, but I didn’t think it did. I don’t really have much to say about the plot, other than it kept me on the edge of my seat and took some twists I didn’t expect.

Overall, this graphic novel was absolutely amazing. It is available as a webcomic here, and I would highly recommend it.


Spinning by Tillie Walden

“A first love is important to anyone. But when you’re both young and gay and in the closet, it’s something else entirely. It wasn’t the thrill or freedom I felt that I remember – it was the fear.”

For the record, I didn’t/won’t give this graphic novel a star rating. I don’t rate memoirs, which this book is, just because the idea of giving someone’s life a star rating as seen by me makes me feel beyond uncomfortable. Now that that explanation is out of the way, onto my actual (mini) review.

I decided during the middle of this book that I am in love with Tillie Walden’s artwork. While I enjoyed this ever so slightly less than On A Sunbeam, it was still ridiculously pretty and just generally amazing. I really need to read some of her other work, if it as good as these two, she will become a quick favorite (I have a good feeling they are and she will be). There weren’t as many colors used in this one, but I didn’t really mind because it was still so pretty and well done.

This graphic novel is about Walden’s time as a synchronized and figure skater, but it is also about the major life events that shaped her performance as a skater. Given that this is based off of someone’s life, I feel very weird making any comments about the “plot” or my specific interpretations of it. However, I will say that I really enjoyed the way Walden told the story. I had no idea what this memoir would be about going in, but I assumed skating, so I was pleasantly surprised when other things began to come up.


Have you read these? Have you read any other LGBT+ graphic novels that you think I need to check out? Let’s chat in the comments!




5 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: F/F Graphic Novels

  1. Reading your thoughts on all of these was such a pleasure! And I’m one of those people who don’t really reach for graphic novels because I feel like their length and format personally makes it hard for me to rate them anything more than three stars, or four stars if they’re really good. On A Sunbeam sounds intriguing though, and I literally thought that it was set in space 😂 In my defense, the cover kinda looks like it’s set in space, plus the title had the word sunbeam on it and that sounds like a spacey word 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Caitlin!! I used to never read graphic novels but I forced myself to keep reading them and now I’ve just gotten used to them I guess lol. On A Sunbeam was absolutely amazing, I am still not over it. Also, it is set in space!! It is science fiction!


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