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Try a Chapter Tag: Sapphic Ebook Edition!

Hi, friends!! I have done this tag before do decide my first read of June, but this time around I am trying to choose which of these ebooks I have collected I will read first. I posted earlier this week about how I have been struggling when it comes to reading sapphic books, so as a way to attempt to ease myself in I am going to try and read one or two a month. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen, but I feel like it would be good for me? I have been having Lots of feelings about my sexuality lately but I feel like instead of avoiding these books I need to try and read some. So, now that I have rambled, let’s get on with the tag.

The try a chapter tag is where you try out the first chapter of five books and choose one to read based on the outcomes. It is common on booktube and some book blogs, I tried to find an original creator to link but there are so many things popping up I have no idea who started it lol.

I also made the decision to share the first line of every book as well as my opinions on the first chapter because I have recently become fascinated with first lines for some reason and want to share some.

So, here are the five options I have selected:

(I am just now noticing that there are only three different authors in this selection, good job, Arin)

Book One: My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer by Jennifer Gennari


  • First line: Unlike some people, Lake Champlain was a friend I could count on.
  • My thoughts on the first chapter: I can already sense a theme of standing up to discriminatory laws against LGBT+ people which I feel is somewhat impressive for a middle grade, especially in the first chapter. As for the book itself, it seems super cute and like a fun middle grade that I could read in one afternoon. Based off the first chapter, our main character is determined to make the perfect pie to win a pie contest while she is getting used to living with her mom’s new girlfriend. I am not the biggest on pie (unless it is peanut butter pie), but I feel like that won’t hinder my enjoyment in the slightest.

Book Two: Colorblind by Siera Maley


  • First line: “Welcome to Daily Fries, sir, what can I get for you?”
  • My thoughts on the first chapter: Okay, this took me completely off guard. Maybe one day I will learn to read summaries of books first, but then again I will lose surprises like this so maybe not. The main character of this book has the ability to see the age a person dies just by looking at their forehead – she doesn’t know how or why and she can’t stop it, it is just a fact of her life. I figured this would be a cute romance so when that started happening it really took me by surprise in the best way. I forgot I was doing this tag for a moment and wanted to jump into the second chapter immediately, based off of the first one, I have high hopes for this book.

Book Three: The Matchmaker by Natasha West


  • First line: Cleo Hicks pinched the bridge of her nose and groaned very quietly.
  • My thoughts on the first chapter: This was, um, interesting. I get the feeling that this is just one I will have to read a few more chapters to get into, but the first chapter and I didn’t really click. I wasn’t a fan of the minor internet bashing or the way she was telling clients “everything they did wrong” just because I feel like dating is personal and subjective and cannot be defined by one set of standards? Once again, I feel like this is one that I have to get past the first chapter of to really enjoy.

Book Four: The Plus One by Natasha West


  • First line: Charlie Black was sleeping deeply when her phone rang.
  • My thoughts on the first chapter: Just like the previous book, I feel like this book is one I need more than a first chapter to get a handle on my thoughts. It has the possibility to be super cute and I think there is fake dating? So I feel like I will ultimately enjoy it but the first chapter was kind of just eh for me.

Book Five: On the Outside by Siera Maley


  • First line: It was a hot day in Jonesburg, Washington as the summer of 2012 drew closer to an end, and I felt it on the back of my neck as I peddled past the next two houses down from my own, my dark brown hair pinned to the top of my head in a messy bun to keep myself cool.
  • My thoughts on the prologue: You may have noticed this says thoughts on the prologue, that is because this book has one and the first chapter after it seems long so I just stopped at the beginning of it. As for the prologue, I was shocked that it was written by the same person who blew me away at the beginning of Colorblind. The writing seemed a lot less mature, but that could be because the main characters are a lot younger. It wasn’t bad, per say, but it wasn’t the best either. I will definitely still pick this up at some point (it screams summer and its gay so I am basically in heaven at the thought of it), but that point will most likely not be today.

And the winner is: Colorblind by Siera Maley!

Once again, I think this was super fun. I don’t know if I will be jumping into Colorblind immediately just because I am already in the middle of two books, but I feel comfortable knowing I have a f/f book that I am really interested in to jump into when I am ready. How about you guys, have you ever done this tag? Have you read any of these books? Let’s chat in the comments!


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