Top 5 Wednesday: Books I Liked with Tropes I Usually Hate

Hello, friends! I am like, really excited about this post because it made me think about what tropes I like and don’t like. Though at one point, I did end up thinking about books I really, really didn’t like despite that being the opposite of the point but oh well. I also had to think about what tropes I like and don’t like because as odd as it sounds, I don’t think about that often. Sometimes people will be like “enemies to lovers!!!” and I’ll be like oh yeah, thats a good one, but otherwise I’m kind of just eh about them. I had to look up articles about common YA tropes in order to write this post, I’m not going to lie.

Anyways, onto the actual post.

Top 5 Wednesdays come from a Goodreads group dedicated to creating prompts for bloggers/youtubers/other things maybe. The group is currently on hiatus for the summer, but the host encouraged people to look back upon older prompts. I had planned to just do the prompts from each past year for each month (like June 2019 would use June 2018 prompts), but I have decided that I am going to let myself chose my favorite of several prompts. Today’s prompt comes from August 2018 and it is all about books you liked despite not typically liking those tropes!

I. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

clockwork angel

  • Trope I normally don’t like: love triangle, to some extent the brooding love interest
  • Reason why this book makes it okay: Um, because it is Tessa and Jem? And I love them unconditionally? But really, Tessa, Jem, and Will are the only perfectly good example of a love triangle that I will accept. Their dynamic is perfect and each of them loves and cares so deeply about the other two, its great. I also want to quote that good kush vine but am trying to resist (as you can see, I didn’t do too well).

II. The Selection by Kiera Cass


  • Trope I normally don’t like: love triangle
  • Reason why this book makes it okay: It honestly doesn’t? Like, I still hate the love triangle aspect of this and I always manage to block it out of my memory until I am forced to remember it and then I kind of just go oh. I just really like these books. I know that they really aren’t the best, or good at all, but they are just so so fun and I love America. I know most don’t, but I really do. I also love Maxon and his and America’s relationship is very pure. So basically, the love triangle trope is only okay with me in these books because I block it out.

III. Storm by Brigid Kemmerer


  • Trope I normally don’t like: love triangle, to some extent the brooding love interest
  • Reason why this book makes it okay: Okay, apparently I am very skilled at blocking things out when I don’t like them. This explains a lot about my life, but that is beside the point. All of Brigid Kemmerer’s books feature brooding love interests, so I tend to just put aside the fact that I am normally not a fan of them when it comes to her books because I love them so much otherwise. As for the love triangle, I tend to literally just forget Hunter exists. This is a feat, given that he has his own book and novella and is one of the main characters. Nevertheless, I guess anything is possible when it annoys me enough.

IV. Autoboyography by Christian Lauren


  • Trope I normally don’t like: insta love
  • Reason why this book makes it okay: Once again, I don’t know? Like, I really really hated the insta love in the beginning to the point where I thought the book would be a 2.5 or 3 star read, but eventually I was able to forget about the insta love and focus on how cute the two of them are and how good the discussion on religion and sexuality was. So, once again, I kind of just blocked out the thing I didn’t like and focused on the things I did. Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

V. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


  • Trope I normally don’t like: insta love, love triangle
  • Reason why this book makes it okay: I bet everyone is going to be very surprised, but guess what, I basically just blocked these tropes out in order to enjoy the book more. I kind of forget that Anna just lowkey fell in love with this one guy after talking to him for five seconds on her first day of a boarding school because why not. I also forget about the fact that St. Clair had a girlfriend, Anna had a something or another back home, and that other girl also had a crush on St. Clair. Basically, I forget everything. That is how I deal with things.


Okay, so, this was a ride. A ride in which I discovered I basically just block things out when I don’t like them, but whatever works I guess. But what about y’all, what tropes do you love? Which do you hate? Or are you just oddly indifferent like me?

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books I Liked with Tropes I Usually Hate

  1. Oh my gosh. Anna and The French Kiss. I really did not remember those things but when you put it that way… I guess I’ve blocked things out too haha. Oh well, it will still forever be one of my faves!
    The Selection does sound really good. I know people have said it’s not the most well written etc but it seems to be a lot of people’s ‘guilty pleasure’ so I’m still excited to get to it at some point!
    Great post!

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