I’m Going on Hiatus (For Real This Time)

Hello, friends. I know that I have technically already gone on hiatus this summer, but as we all know, that only lasted like two and a half days. This time, however, I am guesstimating most likely a month or so. Here is the situation:

  • I got a new job! Which is very exciting and I am already having a blast with it, but it means my schedule has changed pretty drastically. I’ve never worked a consistent Monday through Friday job before, and it has taken a toll on me (not that I am complaining, I seriously love this job already and have already made plans to try and get on with the summer portion of this program). I just need time to just adjust and relearn time management.
  • I start classes in 15 days (to be exact) at a new school. I am also pretty excited for these classes, but there is a bunch of logistical stuff I still have to work out with the school and that also takes time and effort.
  • I am still technically doing my summer job for the next week or so. I am planning to make it clear I will not be coming back next year because the work environment is no longer a healthy place for me and has been taking such a toll on my mental health that it is affecting me physically, and I just can’t do it anymore.
  • I don’t have a therapist at home yet because the waitlist for anyone that isn’t like an hour drive away is long. With my grandmother passing and everything else going on, I need to get back into therapy. I haven’t yet, and that has also not helped my mental health situation at all.
  • Briefly mentioned above, and several times on other posts of mine, my grandmother passed away on June 23th. We were very close and I have been trying to act like it isn’t affecting me as much as it is for the sake of my family, but it is something that still affects myself and my moods daily and I think I just need some time away from stuff to work on that.

So, basically. A lot is going on and my mental health has plumbted recently and something had to give before I had a full on breakdown like I did in April, which is not something I want to repeat.

I hope to be back soonish, probably Septemberish, and I will miss this so so much, I just need to actually let myself step away for a bit. I really really love blogging and this amazing community, I just need a break. I’ll miss everything so much, but I just think it is necessary.

Thanks for reading and just putting up with all of my general nonsense! I hope to be ready to come back soon!

2 thoughts on “I’m Going on Hiatus (For Real This Time)

  1. I will miss you so, so much but I’m so glad you’re allowing yourself the break now to handle all of these things. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and it’s completely understandable that your mental health is being effected. Please take all of the time you need- we will be waiting for you to get back. I hope your new job is going well and I hope you get to leave the stress of the Summer baseball job behind very soon! I’m very sorry about your grandmother and am around if you ever want to talk a bit ❤️

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  2. Please take care of yourself! It’s completely understandable to want to take time off. I hope you fit well in the new school, and that your job keeps bringing you joy! ❤

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