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I Attempted To Rank Lover by Taylor Swift

Hello and welcome to Arin attempts to rank the wonderful masterpiece that is Lover (2019) by Taylor Swift. I say attempt because I am notoriously bad at ranking things and I was only able to get the first five in a solid order and after that it is chaos. Anyways, I am just going to jump into this post because I am oddly excited. Maybe I should talk about other things I enjoy that aren’t books every once in a while, would that be something anyone would want to see more of?

So, without further ado, here is my very tentative ranking of Lover featuring my favorite lyrics and some other general freak outing:


❝I wanna be defined by the things that I love
Not the things I hate
Not the things I’m afraid of, I’m afraid of
Or the things that haunt me in the middle of the night
I, I just think that
You are what you love❞

I will be the first to admit that this is not a song I will play over and over again or dance around to in my room, but it is a high quality song that needs to be appreciated. It calls back on Red and it is just so good. I just want to see more Daylight appreciation, that’s all I want.


❝Darling, you’re the one I want, and
I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this❞

Paper Rings is just a bop and I have listened to it so many times at this point, it may be turning into a problem. However, I am totally okay with it being my problem because this song is so good? I mean, the beat, the lyrics, the fact that she just sounds so happy while singing it. It’s just so good. I’ll be freaking out over this song for the foreseeable future.


❝I packed my bags, left Cornelia Street
Before you even knew I was gone
But then you called, showed your hand
I turned around before I hit the tunnel❞

This song is the All Too Well of this album so that makes it automatically a favorite (though I feel the need to clarify that I don’t like this song better than ATW, sorry, but that will take a lot). Also, someone on Twitter was talking about how there is a Cornelia Street in London (which is why that background is London btw), Nashville, and LA soo that just adds to my overall enjoyment.

The Man.png

❝I’m so sick of running as fast as I can
Wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man❞

This is a feminist bop and I am here for it. As soon as some of the lyrics were released I knew I would love this song, and guess what, I was right. It’s just ugh, so great. I love it a whole lot.


❝American stories burning before me
I’m feeling helpless, the damsels are depressed
Boys will be boys then, where are the wise men?
Darling, I’m scared❞

I saw a tumblr post about how this song is all about blind and somewhat toxic patriotism and I can 100% see that and it honestly makes this already great song so much better. The lyrics are just so good, and that back and forth part in the bridge is amazing and I’ll never be over it.

Cruel Summer.png

❝And I scream, “For whatever it’s worth
I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?❞

This is one of the best bops on this album, I love it a lot. I don’t have much else to say about it, it is just a quality bop and next summer it will probably be on in my car all the time (not that it’s not now, don’t get me wrong).


❝They say home is where the heart is
But God, I love the English❞

I will admit, this wasn’t as high up on this list until I saw someone say it reminds them of Red, White & Royal Blue and then I had a full moment. I am likely going to start a reread of it tonight just so I can listen to this song while I read it, it is going to be great and I can’t wait.


❝Lyrical smile, indigo eyes, hand on my thigh
We could follow the sparks, I’ll drive❞

The whole “I’ll drive” part of this calls back on so many other songs of hers and shows a whole bunch of character development and ahhhhh. Basically, this bridge is so iconic and amazing and this song is an overall bop so it earns itself a fairly high spot on this list.


❝Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?
With every guitar string scar on my hand
I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover❞

This song is so wholesome and amazing and I love it, also the music video is A+ and I’m pretty sure there could be an eight week college course dissecting it for different meanings (I’m only half joking, just to be clear).


❝It isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference❞

I have seen a lot of people saying they don’t like this song or that it isn’t as good as the others, but I disagree. I know it is literally number ten on my list, but I still really love this one. It is a really great transition from the last album to this one and it is so happy and upbeat and it is just so so good.

The Archer.png

❝Who could ever leave me, darling
But who could stay?❞

I don’t like the fact that this one is so far down on the list because it is a really nice song and the lyrics are really powerful, but I couldn’t find a place to move it up the list so I will just let it stay here I guess.


❝You said it was a great love, one for the ages
But if the story’s over, why am I still writing pages?❞

I haven’t seen the movie that this song is inspired by, so that may be why I don’t connect with it as much as I could, but it is still really really good and I like it a lot.

YNTCD (1).png

❝You just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace
And control your urges to scream about all the people you hate
‘Cause shade never made anybody less gay❞

I listened to this song over 100 times in the first two days it was out and yet I am still not over it, especially those lyrics above. Taylor said gay rights, and as a gay, I very much appreciate it. Also, Ellen getting a tattoo in the music video is just a whole other level of iconic.


❝Holy orange bottles, each night, I pray to you
Desperate people find faith, so now I pray to Jesus too❞

The first time I listened to this song it made me want to sob due to recent events concerning my grandmother. It is a really heartfelt and emotional song and the only reason it is so low on this list is because it is now associated with bad and sad things in my mind because of my emotions during my first listen.

ME! (1).png

❝I know that I’m a handful, baby, uh
I know I never think before I jump❞

I have two thoughts concerning this song:

1) I am deeply offended that the “spelling is fun!” was removed because I loved that part.

2) Everyone is hating on this song and I don’t get it. No one is saying it is a lyrical masterpiece, but it is fun and wholesome and about self love, like, come on guys.


❝Why’d I have to break what I love so much?
It’s on your face, don’t walk away,❞

This is admittedly a really good song, but it just isn’t one of my favorites and I don’t really foresee it ever being? I don’t know why, it’s just not for me I guess.


❝They all warned us about times like this
They say the road gets hard and you get lost
When you’re led by blind faith, blind faith❞

Am I cancelled because this song is so far down on this list? If I am, I totally get it, this song is just associated with weird things in my mind and it’s weird lol. It is still a really good song and I get why people like it.


❝School bell rings, walk me home
Sidewalk chalk covered in snow
Lost my gloves, you give me one❞

Once again, this is a perfectly good song, it is just the last on my ranking because it is not one I foresee myself listening to a lot. I have seen people liking it and I totally get why, it’s just not an Arin favorite, you know?


Okay, so that’s it! What do you think, is my ranking all wrong? Would you like to see non-bookish content like this from me everyone once in a while? Did you like the graphics I made? I’m not 100% happy with all of them but I did have lots of fun making them. Let’s chat in the comments!!

17 thoughts on “I Attempted To Rank Lover by Taylor Swift

  1. My favorites are Paper Rings, London Boy, Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince, You Need To Calm Down, Lover, and Cruel Summer!
    I’m actually surprised that Lover made the list, because I normally never go for the “slow” songs. I always got for the fast paced drums and bass songs. But I’m in love with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, so interesting to see other people’s takes on the album! I mostly agree with yours actually, especially towards the end. My top 5 in order would be: London Boy, Cruel Summer, Paper Rings, Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince and Lover.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aaaah! You did it! I’ll never be able to so thanks for doing it for me lol. I’m salty that “hey kids spelling is fun” was removed too! And I also sobbed the first (and several after) listens of Soon You’ll Get Better because of Elliott.


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