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The First Sapphic Saturday Wrap Up and Reading Log!

Hello, friends!! If you didn’t know, this past Saturday Brittany and I hosted a readathon!! If you want to know more about what this readathon is and find out how to join in the next time, you can read this post here, watch both of our blogs, and follow our readathon twitter account! Anyways, let’s just go ahead and jump into my reading log from the day!!

Hour 1: I kicked off the readathon by hosting some twitter sprints!! It was my first time ever hosting reading sprints and I had a ton of fun doing it! I also got through 65 pages of my first read, Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno


Hour 2: At this point I wrapped up the first of my twitter sprints and was very excited to just keep reading and I go to page 164 of Summer of Salt by the end of the hour!


Hour 3: During hour three I finished my first book!! At this point I was like, wow, I could finish five or six books. Spoiler alert: I didn’t, but what I can I say, I admire 2 am Arin’s confidence in herself. 


Hour 4: While I had plans to finish a book and then go straight to sleep, my brain was not exactly a fan of that idea, so I got through 7% of Of Ice and Shadows by Audrey Coulthurst and then, finally went to sleep. 

Hour 5 – 10: Sleeping, what fun.

Hour 11: Around this time I finally woke up, but I was still too tired to actually physically read a book, so I got through 17% of Of Ice and Shadows!


Hour 12: At some point during the last hour I took my glasses off because I don’t like wearing them while just laying around playing on my phone, something my mom hates, but this time I managed to loose my glasses. The thing about me is that I can barely see without my glasses (I’m not kidding, my best eye has a prescription of -9 and my worst has one of -10.5) so I had to call my dad upstairs to help me find them so it was a whole thing. Anyways, throughout all of that I got through 37% of Of Ice and Shadows and started knitting a baby blanket. 


Hour 13: At this point it was really hitting me that I had yet to eat anything all day, so I went and grabbed some fast food for lunch and got to 45% of Of lce and Shadows. 


Hour 14: I didn’t read anything this entire hour because my mom and I went out to try and find my therapist’s office because I had an appointment Monday morning. Also, I got Starbucks. 

Hour 15: When I got back home I hosted some more reading sprints!! Throughout them, I managed to get to page 67 of my next read, Drum Roll, Please by Lisa Jenn Bigelow.


Hour 16: I did a mix of both reading and audioing this hour, getting to page 112 of Drum Roll, Please and 58% or Of lce and Shadows.

Hour 17: At this point I decided that I had spent far too much of my day listening to this audiobook, so I decided I was just going to listen until I finished. I ended up getting to 69% of Of Ice and Shadows his hour. 

Hour 18: I pretty much spent this entire hour listening and I got to 90% of Of Ice and Shadows. 

Hour 19: I did it! I finished Of Ice and Shadows! I also got through 2.8% of Wilder Girls by Rory Power and went out with my mom to get dinner. 

Hour 20: Since this book lowkey (*cough* highkey *cough*) terrified me, I once again decided I was just going to listen until I finished, so I got through 29% of Wilder Girls.


Hour 21: I hit the halfway point, 52%, of Wilder Girls then took a much needed break. 

Hour 22: I was so close to finishing at 94% of Wilder Girls but it just didn’t happen this hour. 

Hour 23: It happened during this one though, as I finished Wilder Girls. I also had a brief panic that I wasn’t going to finish anymore books, so I started up some more reading sprints and go to page 160 of Drum Roll, Please.


Hour 24: I kept on running reading sprints during this hour, and just in the knick of time I finished Drum Roll, Please. 


Okay, so, that was the log, now for the wrap up!

I read four books for a total of 1,381 pages!

  • Summer of Salt, 256 pages
  • Of Ice and Shadows, 452 pages
  • Wilder Girls, 353 pages
  • Drum Roll, Please, 320 pages

I had so so much fun hosting and participating in this readathon and I cannot wait for the next round! What about you, did you participate? What did you read? If you didn’t, how was your Saturday? Let’s chat in the comments!

5 thoughts on “The First Sapphic Saturday Wrap Up and Reading Log!

  1. It sounds like the first Sapphic Saturday was a success! Four books is so good!

    “I admire 2 am Arin’s confidence in herself.” – me every single readathon I do.

    Summer of Salt is one I’m dying to read! Did you like it? Also, did you like Wilder Girls?


    And your mom has me laughing haha


  2. Ahhhhh I’m so excited to be reading this!? You did SO FREAKIN AMAZING! I feel like you read faster than anyone I’ve ever met and it blows my mind 😂 I most request that there are more doggy pictures in the next readathon wrap up, because those are VERY important! 😅 I’m so glad that the first Sapphic Saturday went so well and I can’t wait for the next! ♥


  3. I’m always amazed at how much one person can read in 24 hours. I tried to participate in Sapphic Saturday but I read an abysmal amount of pages ://

    Congrats so much for reading four books though!! I actually tried to read Summer of Salt before, but I just really wasn’t clicking with it. I’m so excited to read Wilder Girls though!! And I can’t wait for more Sapphic Saturdays to come :))


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