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Sapphic Saturday Announcement!

Hello, friends!! Its that time where I announce a readathon right before its about to happen again!! Anywho, que the post all about the sapphics and the readathon.


What is this Sapphic Saturday you speak of, Arin?

It’s a readathon! Or, many readathons dedicated to reading sapphic books or books with (preferably central but you do you, neither Brittany or I are here to police you) f/f romances! Sapphic Saturdays are going to be 24 hour readathons monthly or bi monthly on random Saturdays. They will take place from midnight to 11:59 in your timezone! Brittany and I are both EST so if when do twitter sprints, they will be somewhere in the twenty four hour period according to that time zone. If you are outside of that timezone and want some sprints to start you off, message either of us or the readathon twitter and we will totally do that for you!!

When is the next one?

This Saturday, March 28th, 2020!! It starts whenever the clock hits midnight for you and ends at 11:59 for you, but once again, we’re not here to police you in any way so if you go a little over or start a little early, it’s totally fine. This isn’t a strict readathon by any means.

Who participates?

Well, Brittany and I are pretty much the only guarantees for every readathon lol. However, we would absolutely love if you, your best friends, and your dog would join in! Somewhat kidding about the dog, but also, feel free to just send me dog pictures. I will always accept them. I try to force my dog into pictures throughout the readathon and sometimes he is more into that than others.

Where can I talk about the readathon while it’s happening?

Twitter! The twitter account for the readathon is sapphicsaturday and Brittany and I should be active on there throughout the day!! You can also just use #sapphicsaturdays! I know that I will be doing a reading log and posting it after the fact, so if you want to do that too I’d love to read it!! I also now have a bookstagram at tomesofourlives so I will likely be posting updates there too, so you can interact with me there to!

What should I read? 

Any sapphic book you want! However, as always, I have recs I will list.

Here are a selection of four shortish books and graphic novels for your consideration, but if you want more recs you can check out my sapphic shelf the past two readathon announcements.

  • Heavy Vinyl by Carly Usdin
    • Gays! Fight club! Feminist vibes! Music! All good things, you should read it.
  • The Avant-Guards by Carly Usdin
    • Basketball! Other things! I remember this being a quick and cute read and that’s about it!
  • Wicked Sweet by Chelsea M. Cameron
    • So I am not quite done with this book yet, but it is really short and fun and fluffy and I think that is the perfect readathon read tbh.
  • The Gay Girl’s Guide to Ruining Prom by Siera Maley
    • I recently read this book and it was a lot of fun overall, but I should note that there is a good bit of religious based homophobia that results in the main character getting kicked out of her house temporarily, so keep that in mind if you choose to pick this one up.

What are you going to read during this readathon, Arin?

What a question. What. A. Question. As always, I do not have an official plan, but rather I have options. Below they will be divided into “priority reads” and “probably going to read anyways” reads.


Priority reads

Will probably read anyways read

  • Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins
    • I love this book and really want to reread it so I feel like I should just note it since it is most likely going to happen.
  • Wild Beauty by Anne-Marie McLemore 
    • I have no idea why I suddenly want to read this book but I just keep looking at it, you know? So it seems kind of inevitable.
  • Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
    • I listened to a podcast episode on this novella and ever since I have had the overwhelming urge to read it, and since it is so short, why not blow through it during a readathon?


Okay, so that’s about it! What about you, are you joining us this weekend? What are you reading? Lets chat in the comments below!

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