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Sapphic Saturday AND Sunday Announcement!!

Hi, friends!! I am so so so excited to be announcing this, so let’s jump right in!

Brittany and I are hosting our first ever weekend readathon! We have been hosting 24 hour readathons for about a year now (I am so shook, it definitely does not feel like a year!), but next month we are going to hold a weekend one! This will not be a 24 in 48 or anything like that, we actually want things to be a low intensity as possible! This will just be a fun excuse to spend your weekend consuming sapphic media and chatting with us on social media!

The readathon will take place on September 12 and 13th! The idea behind this readathon is that my birthday is the 13th and that I want to spend it consuming sapphic content and raving about it and I would absolutely love if you would join us! Saturday most things will be run by me, while on Sunday they will mainly be run by Brittany. Given that the hosts won’t be reading/hosting full time, please don’t feel pressured! Now, here is the usual stuff and some more information I put on these posts bc consistency!

Where can I talk about the readathon while it’s happening?

Twitter! The twitter account for the readathon is sapphicsaturday and Brittany and I should be active on there throughout the day!! You can also just use #sapphicsaturdays! I know that I will be doing a reading log and posting it after the fact, so if you want to do that too I’d love to read it!!

What should I read?

Anything and everything sapphic!! I normally do readathon recommendations here but I kinda feel like I have already listed most of my go to sapphic readathon books, so here are places to see those:

Sapphic Saturday Announcement #1

Sapphic Saturday Announcement #2

Sapphic Saturday Announcement #3

Need/want more than that?

All the Sapphic Books I’ve Read, Part 1

All the Sapphic Books I’ve Read, Part 2

Recommending Sapphic Books Based Off of girl in red Songs

Now, since this is a longer readathon, here is a new section. What should I watch? Readathons can be a lot so taking a break is always nice, why not take one but still enjoy some sapphic content?

My two favorite sapphic movies are The Miseducation of Cameron Post and The Half of It! Cameron Post is a pretty heavy watch, and while The Half of It has its heavier moments, it is overall a lot lighter. I am actually thinking of hosting a Netflix party for The Half of It on the Saturday of the readathon, so let me know if you are interested.

I’ll be posting more about this readathon closer to time including my TBR and to watch list, but we just wanted to go ahead and get this out there so people have time to prepare! I hope you’ll join us!

2 thoughts on “Sapphic Saturday AND Sunday Announcement!!

  1. I know I read The Uneducation book, but have I seen the movie??? Why do I not know if I have or not? Ugh… I know I love, love, love Chloe so if I haven’t seen it I need to. Found out its available on Hoopla so I will soon find out if I’ve already seen it or not. I have not seen or read The Half Of It so I added that one to my Netflix TBW.


  2. I hope you have fun during this readathon! I don’t know if I’ll be able to participate but I will definitely be looking into some of your recommendations. I’ve heard some really positive things on The Half of It so I should really give it a try!


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