I Did Xandra (Starry Sky Books)’s 24 Hour Readathon

Hi, friends!! I love a good readathon, mainly because my brain loves having a task and during readathons I can say that reading is that task and actually focus on books for more than like, five minutes at a time. So, when Xandra announced that she was going to be hosting 24 hour readathons this… Continue reading I Did Xandra (Starry Sky Books)’s 24 Hour Readathon


Series Crackdown 7.0 TBR!

Hello friends, its that time again! Its Series Crackdown time! I am super super excited because this time the readathon runs from May 24th to June 2nd, which means I am out of school for the whole readathon and therefore I can actually read!! The last two or three rounds of this readathon have taken… Continue reading Series Crackdown 7.0 TBR!