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Ten 2019 Releases I Need Now

Hi, friends! 2019 is going to bring us a lot of new, amazing books! I can’t wait, there are so many books that I need in my possession right now, but apparently I have to wait until their release dates? Disappointing. Anyways, lets move right along to the books I need right now.

10. Call It What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer 


Release Date: June 25th 

In case you didn’t know, I love Brigid Kemmerer! And right now, I love all things contemporary! This is a contemporary written by Brigid Kemmerer! I feel like that says it all!

9. Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare


Release Date: June 4th 

Okay, so like, I am well aware that I have already read the majority of this book (like 80% of it) multiple times, but a certain someone’s name is going to be revealed in the last two short stories and I! need! to! know!

8. Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston 


Release Date: May 14th

Okay, so maybe its just that I spent the majority of my winter break watching Hallmark Christmas movies (and then winter movies, who knew they made non holiday related ones?) with my mom, but I am suddenly a sucker for any and all royal love stories, please send me all your recommendations so I can stop rewatching The Princess Diaries and The Princess Switch on Netflix. Plus, a female president? Sign me up.

7. The Tyrant’s Tomb by Rick Riordan


Release Date: September 24th

So I still haven’t read the third book in this series, but I swear I will before September when this one comes out. I will not be spoiled if another huge character that I was just starting to love gets killed. Not again. I’m done with that.

6. Again, But Better by Christine Riccio 


Release Date: May 7th 

I have been watching Christine’s videos since middle school, she is the one who introduced me to the online book community. I had no idea that any of this existed before I discovered her channel one day, so the fact that I will get to read a book written by her is mind blowing and I am very excited. Plus, its set in college. I need more books set in college! Though, I go to a women’s college so reading about colleges where men go is weird, but I’ll adjust. I always do, and by always, I mean that one time I read a book set in college.

5. Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell 


Release Date: ???? 

This doesn’t even have a blurb yet, but that doesn’t matter. I am so excited. I have nothing else to say other than I am excited. I am also worried because of the flames bit. I don’t like flames, not when they are near my babies.

4. You Asked For Perfect by Laura Silverman


Release Date: not soon enough  March 5th

I feel like I have been screaming about this book since I heard about it sometime last year, but I also feel like I have only been screaming about it to my real life friends who don’t really care and not on here, so that has been a big mistake on my part. I honestly can’t describe how much this book speaks to me even before its released. I wish it had came out last year when I was still in high school, but I will take it whenever. Academic pressure is something that I really struggled with in high school, I was in the top ten of my high school and started taking AP classes online because my school didn’t offer enough. It wasn’t good for my mental health, but my counselor had me convinced it was good for college. I am really, really looking forward to a novel that actually discusses academic pressure. Also, Laura Silverman is a total sweetheart. Please follow her on twitter.

3. Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare


Release Date: November 19th 

First off, Brianna and I deserve this. Second off, AHHHHH. Third off, I really have nothing intelligible to say but AHHHH. Fourth off, not to be dramatic, but like, I’m already willing to die for the mysterious Fairchild daughters and we don’t even know their names yet. Loving and defending the Fairchild women is my hill and I will die on it.

2. A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer 


Release Date: January 29th (!!!!!)

Have I went over the fact that I love Brigid Kemmerer yet in this post? Oh, I have? Well, here we go again, I love Brigid Kemmerer. I will read any and all books she publishes.

1. The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare


Release Date: April 2nd

Two words: Haline content. More words: this was originally supposed to come out when I was on spring break but now its not and I’m bitter.


Well, that’s about it from me for today. What books are you excited for this year? Are you excited for any of these? Could you care less about any of them? Let’s chat in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Ten 2019 Releases I Need Now

  1. ahhh i read the arc for You Asked for Perfect & it truly is all that I hoped for AND MORE, it goes over academic pressure so well????? it was like a love letter to academics, but the exact opposite of a love letter. i also did AP courses and AP Calculus nearly destroyed my soul, i was never the same.

    the love story is also v cute c: c:

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  2. OOOH OKAY THIS LIST IS PERFECT. I cant believe I still haven’t read Brigid Kemmerer but you’re really convincing me that this needs to change. I’m so hyped for A Curse So Dark and Lonely though! I need every Beauty and the Beast retelling in my life.

    Oh my goodness I’m also so excited for Red, White, and Royal Blue. More royalty books for us?? LOVE THAT. I also can’t wait for Again, But Better (Christine is my fave), You Asked For Perfect (it sounds amazing), and Wayward Son (!!!!!!!).

    And of course, alllllll the love and excitement for Red Scrolls and CoG and GoTSM❤️❤️❤️❤️ YES we truly do deserve CoG in our lives already and November needs to get here rn please. Ugh 2019 is going to be so good to us with all these Shadowhunters books and I’m just so happy for us honestly!!

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    1. Ah, you need to read Brigid Kemmerer! I can’t wait for all the royalty books 2019 will bring me (and by that I mean rereading The Selection for the sixth time if I don’t find enough). November is way to far away, we deserved CoG yesterday, but I guess we’ll wait lol. I can’t wait for new shadowhunter content to scream about!

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